Dream comes true: Establishing new blog in CHEAP, EASY, AND QUICK WAY (step by step for beginners)

I started to learn blogging in my 8th grade. Yep, you read that right. My first blog was a crap. So was the second one. So was the third one actually. I have experienced establishing new blogs for many times. But most of them are failures. Most of them didn’t make me happy. You know why? Because I chose the wrong way.  

I walked through the hard way. I tried this and that but I keep feeling, why can’t I do it well like a real blogger?

I was lost in trouble.

But finally…

After trying many things and walking a long mile…

I find out that blogging is not difficult at all! I have found the way. Now I am feeling like, “Why didn’t I find it out earlier?”

I have been through an annoying long journey about blogging, I learned a lot of things. And one of the most important lesson is, how to establish a blog in super easy, cheap, and quick way. And I want to tell you that specific lesson today so you don’t need to walk those long shitty miles to earn the lesson. You don’t need to waste too much time or trying the hard way. I got the secret recipe now! And let me whisper it to you!

Psstt… this is a step-by-step guide so you even if you never had any blogging experiences before, you can easily follow the instructions.

Brace your self. The greatest young blog of the year is about to build.

STEP 1: Find A ‘Land’ to build your blog

Imagine your blog is a house. If you are about to build a house, firstly, you need to have a land to be the ground. Same thing applies when you are about to build a blog. Your blog is the ‘house’ and a hosting is the land. So you need to be very careful to pick the land. Click here to find a perfect ‘land’ for your blog.

Now you can see the Bluehost website appears in another tab, right? Bluehost is somebody who will provide you the land. Over 2 millions websites has been built on their services.

What else, Bluehost has many features to stun you…

  • It is super easy to use and user-friendly, even for beginners!
  • Amazing customer support. Imagine you are doing your blog in the middle of the night and accidentally you messed something up about your blog. Who is there to contact? Don’t worry dear, simply contact the customer support right away because they have awesome online chat service available 24/7.
  • Huge space for you. So come back to the house-land analogy. When you own a big land, you could build a large house with large yard. More spaces means more freedom. Usually large yards means large money, right? But heyy, through Bluehost, with the basic plan you get 50 GIGABYTES OF SPACE for as low as $2.95. Isn’t that crazy?? This is way bigger, bigger space than other hosting companies offer.
  • Free domain for the first year (worths $15.99)

Overall, bluehost is a good way to start a blog

Good start is half the battle


Okay, okay. So you are about to win that good start. Now that you have the Bluehost page opens. Click at the green button that says ‘get started now’.

STEP 2: Choose a plan

After you click the green button I mentioned above, you will see plan options.

Which one should you choose?

If you just starting a blog, the basic plan would fit you now. Don’t worry, once your blog goes gigantic, you can upgrade the plan anytime. Remember, all plans come with a FREE domain name for the first year which worths $15.99. Oh yeah!!!

So simply click the green ‘select’ button.

Step 3: Choose A Domain Name

So the hosting is the ‘land’ where you build the blog. The blog is the ‘house’. If somebody wants to get to your house they will need your address. Your domain name is the ‘address’ of your blog/website. It is the address people will type on their browser to get to your blog. For this blog the domain name is verybusymommy.com.

To prevent people from getting lost of finding your blog, make sure your domain name/address is simple and easy to remember. Here is some tips to make a great domain name.

  • Make sure your address is easy to spell and pronounce
  • Make sure your domain name fits your blogging theme
  • Keep it short
  • Avoid using number and special characters

So type your domain name inside the box. Choose the extension. Then click the next button.

Step 4: Create your account

Simply fill in the columns with your information. Remember to double check especially your email address because it is where your log in details will be sent.

Below the account details you can find a package information. Choose the length of your plan. Pssttt.. the longer the plan, the cheaper the monthly rate gets. So I highly recommend 36-month plan. Of course you can choose the 12-months plan but for the subsequent years you need to renew at a high price.

If you are a personal blogger, I recommend you to tick the domain privacy box.

Why do you need a domain privacy?

Domain privacy protection is a service to keep your personal details (name and address) won’t show publicly in the WHOIS database. I think it is an obligatory feature for personal blogger. But if you registered as a company and you display your address on your website, domain privacy is a waste of money.

After that, provide your payment details. Read and check the terms of srvice box and click the submit button

Welcome to Bluehost! Now, to keep your account safe, you need to create a password. No matter how funny or great your password is, don’t forget to write the password down to your blogging planner (click here to download). Because who will remind you your exact password if you forgot, by the way?

After choosing your password, don’t forget to read and tick the terms of service.

Then, click next.

HURRAYY!! You’ve successfully created a new password. Now log in to your account by clicking the blue button.

STEP 5: Start Building Your Blog

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! You have the ground. You have the address. Now it’s time to build the ‘house’!

Like building a house, there are options to build a blog. You can do it yourself from scratch like digging up for the foundation and putting the bricks one by one. But heyy there is another option which is a lot easier! 

Just let someone help us to build it! And who is there to help us build the blog? There are tons of choices. But to me, the best is WordPress. One more amazing thing from Bluehost is, you can have WordPress installed for your blog with one click!

Right after you log in to your site…(WOW NOW YOU HAVE A SITE!).. Bluehost will offer you free themes to choose. Now you might be feeling like..OMG, OMG, which one should I pick?!!

Calm down, baby. Calm down.

Just pick the one that catches your eye first. Because you can change it anytime later.

Either you choose or you skip the theme options, you will be directed to ‘start building’ button.

Click it.


On the right side you will be asked if you want to set up a business or personal site. I recommend you to skip this and lick on the I don’t need help link. However, you can proceed to the help zone but you will need to face many questions.

On the left side you will see a dark column.. that is your WordPress menu. Who are they?

Post : this is the house of all of your blog posts. You can create, edit, and delete your posts through this button.

Media : this is the house of the photos, videos, and PDFs in your blog.

Pages : this is the house of all of your pages. At a glance it might be similar to blog post, but pages have static nature, not listed by date, and cannot be added to category or tag. This feature is usually used to create About Me pages.

Comments : this is the house of all of the comments on your blog.

Appearance : this is where to find your blog themes, widgets, menus, and anything related to the appearance of your blog. As I said before, you can change your theme anytime. Just browse and install a theme and activate it. If there is no perfect theme for you in the free options, you can proceed to to purchase the premium theme.

Plugins : plugins are awesome ways to add functionality of your blog. And you can do that without wasting any single penny! To add new plugin, put your cursor on the Plugins button and press Add new.

Users : if you let somebody else to edit and make a post to your blog, you can add new blog authors and set permission.

Tools : this is a place to import an existing blog from a different platform, so for now you can ignore this button.

Settings : through this button you can set the date format, yur URL structure, your comment settings, etc.


It wasn’t difficult at all, right?

There are 2 kinds of dreamers, 1)one who choose to daydream about it over and over again without any actions, and 2)one who get up and start to chase the dream right away


What’s next?

To help you getting through your blogging activities, you would need a blogging planner. It has 40+ useful pages to help you getting through your blogging life. 

Get the ultimate printable blogging planner here.

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