We’re gonna talking about meal planning which suits everybody of the family.

Everybody has their own style to plan their meal. Some people love to building up everything perfectly until they got what they really want. Some people just face what they need to face that day and think about another day plan in another day too. Some people just go the the restaurant and never cook on their own stove.

I am a planner freak. So, I want my meals to be planned well so I can prevent myself from eating something unhealthy (or something fail!) . I want to know what should I cook for the whole next week so I can answer a terror cloud in my mind (which appears almost every evening) that says something like what will we eat tomorrow ?

The best thing about this planning style is, it only takes several minutes! So let’s do it!

STEP 1|Favorite Meal Database

Everybody has favorite things! So does the members of your family. Now look at the list of your family’s favorite meal. So lucky if you already have it. But if you haven’t, don’t worry, let’s create one. I already set up a PRINTABLE MEAL PLANNING KIT for you  (includes the favorite meal sheet) so you can download it easily. IT’S FREE! Click here to download.

So in that favorite meal sheet, you can easily manage your family member’s favorite meals. Fill it up quickly and you’re one step further by then!

Psst…. this favorite meal database sheet is very useful for any weeks and months. So after you complete it, you can laminate it and post in in your kitchen or fridge door so you can check it easily whenever needed!

STEP 2|Integrate everybody’s important events in one sheet

Try to gather the info of everybody’s special events of the week and write it up in a page so you can easily remember what day is it actually for your family.

Why do I need to do that? you ask.

To keep everybody feeling being loved, you need to give attention when each of them has special thing in the week. Special thing could be anything from first week of school, first day of new position at work, or anything else.  Every special events has special meaning, and you want to let everybody feel it together as a family!

With this weekly everybody’s calendar, you can pick ideas to choose what kind of food to cook. And, actually, this page is very useful for everyday family binding. Post it on a certain place of the house where everybody always pass through it and make sure they read it! Let daddy knows his boy will have a horsing tournament and let your daughter know that her mommy is getting a new position in the work. Remembering other member of the family about their special thing is an easy way to tell them you love them.

family means nobody is left behind or forgotten.


Okay, it’s time to get to the kitchen. Look around you. Is there any food to cook? In the pantry? In the fridge and freezer? That is where another meal-planning idea comes from. To prevent you from overbudgeting in the kitchen, try to cook meals of which the ingredients are already stocked in your kitchen.

Only seeing the fridge for a glance doesn’t always help you to remember what exactly is there, especially if you have lots of stuff inside. So let’s make it simpler with this food inventory sheets. If you haven’t download it, click the button below.


Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Here is the point of this planning journey, baby!

You will need:
  • FAVORITE MEAL DATABASE completedworksheet
  • EVERYBODY’S CALENDAR completed worksheet
  • FOOD INVENTORY completed worksheet
How to do this:
  1. At your WEEKLY MEAL PLAN sheet, set the days when you don’t need to cook (if any)
  2. Set the days when you need to cook a very special meal (don’t put too many special meals at the weekly plan if you’re afraid to get everything being overwhelming)
  3. Decide what time at the day you need to cook that very special meal (if any). Write down the meal name and the ingredients.
  4. From your FAVORITE MEAL DATABASE, pick one or several favorite meal(s) and place it somewhere in the planner box. Mention the ingredients too. If possible, make sure the favorite meal you picked matches with the ingredients you have in your kitchen right now.
  5. Before continuing to fill up the remaining empty cell, now look up at your ingredients column. Try to match the ingredients of your WEEKLY MEAL PLAN with the foods listed on the FOOD INVENTORY sheet.
  6. If you can see any remaining ingredient from your FOOD INVENTORY sheet which means you haven’t plan any cuisine to cook from it, then create one. Grab a recipe book or google to find a meal of which the ingredient is that remaining food in your inventory.  Choose one or more meal(s) which suits your family taste and write it down in the weekly meal plan sheet.
  7. If you don’t see any remaining ingredient from you FOOD INVENTORY anymore, but there are still several empty cells in the meal plan, then simply find any recipe your family love and write it down to complete that weekly meal plan.

HURRAYY!!! You did it! Now you have an ultimate meal plan for the whole week.  Post it on the fridge door or somewhere else so everyone knows what delicious thing they will face on the table.

If you haven’t download my  printable meal planning kit (which is very pretty and useful), grab it now here. Yes, it’s free!

Happy cooking and have a great week, everyone!

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