Why The Heck Should You Start A Blog?

To me, blogging is more than just a hobby, it’s a need. I have postponed my dream to blog and it was so remorseful to remember. I feel like, I should have started it ten years ago!

Blogging is a valuable activity either for the reader and the writer. I think everybody should have a blog. It brings us so many useful things.

I love blogging and I am so happy with my decision to do it. Here’s a list of why you should start a blog too.


It was writing which let us know that there was a Mayan tribe in America. It was writing which reported to us what was happening to Rome. It was writing, too, that told us about Babylonian civilization.  There were huge, huge numbers of writings that have been helping us discovered what happened in past time.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of civilization on this earth who hadn’t been reported enough due to lack of source, ending up to historians debate and left us millions of questions.

So writing is a golden way to build a knowledge legacy. Of course, we are not a Mayan Tribe or Julius Caesar. But at least we have the next generations on this earth who deserve a decent quality of reference. Documentation is a great way to let somebody else learn from your experience so they do not always need to do it themselves so they can focus on doing something further than we do now.

Applause everyone?


Thank you.

Blogging Trains You to Organize Your Thoughts

Honestly, it’s a personal reason for me. But maybe you would love to hear.

When you write a post, you need to organize it very well so people would love to read it over again. You need to pick a crucial point from an issue and elaborate the topic so it would read smoothly.

I choose to blog because it feels like a therapy for me. It helps me to control my mind to think with ‘first thing first’ way. It helps me to think from A to B to C to D and so on to Z because all this time I have been suffering from an insane way of thinking where I talk about A then D then Z then B then E and rolling over again like a total mess. I hate that. Honestly, I do not really get over it. Therapy needs time but I can feel the progress. I am so very happy about it and I feel like blogging has helped me improve my thinking skill a lot!

Tell Your Story

Everybody has inspiring stories. So do you, baby. If you are an extrovert person and you would like to tell the world about your story, you can shout it aloud from your blog and let other people get happily inspired.

If you are an introvert person, don’t worry. I am too an introvert. That’s why I don’t put any picture of my self in this blog. But it doesn’t stop me from telling the world about my story. There are a lot of bloggers who share their story and experiences without providing any personal information disclosure. Remember the saying : It’s not about who is talking, it’s about what is they are talking about. So don’t be afraid to tell your inspiring story. You could boost up someone’s mood and inspire them to be a better person.

Blogging trains your eyes to see meaningful things in life

Either your blog is settled in a particular niche or in a random topic, you always need to decide what to write for the next post.Because you cannot just blog about every single thing you see or every single event you attended. You need to filter. You need to choose which one is the most meaningful thing to share.

That way you will need to think deeper about the things you saw. Then you can gather meanings. Then you can choose which one is best to share.

Time by time, this activity will train you to figure out a meaning of every single thing happened to yourself. You don’t always need to share it, but finding a meaning is something deep and touching.

Share a lesson

Providing an educating article, no matter how short it is, is a simple way to be more useful person to others. You can write guides about anything you know like how to wash your sneakers up to what is antioxidant and where to get them?

Not feeling like knowing something? Hey, look. Everybody has somethng more than everybody else. We have the same 24 hours per day. The way we spend those hours is different for everyone. Maybe I have spent more time on learning nutrition than you did, so I know about it a little better than you. Maybe your friend spent more time to fix their car so they know a lot more about automotive than we do. And you too, spend more time on something than other people do, so you know it better. Don’t be afraid of being imperfect. Remember, you only need to be one step ahead than somebody else.

Make Money

Well, well well. This topic is getting so much taller than before in these past years. I don’t know why. Maybe people of the world are finally find out what they really want in life and they chase for it. I’m so happy this thing is happening. Because if it’s used right, it would be a clever way to reduce the unemployment rate. And honestly, it reduce the rate of stress too. Thank God, there is such a job on this planet.

There are a lot of ways to monetize your site.

  • Put advertisements. You can work with Adsense, Adthrive, Mediavine, Medianet, or anything else (there are tons of them)
  • join affiliate program (Amazon affiliate, AWIN, share-a-sale, and so on)
  • writing a sponsored post (make someone ask you to write a post for them and let them pay you)
  • sell your own products. Create something awesome either digital product or ‘real’ goods and sell it through your blog.

Whichever the way you choose to monetize your blog, remember, never let money distracts you from spreading the goodness through your blog.

One last thing, remember…



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